Above ground water storage tanks can be used in numerous applications. If you are trying to minimize your impact on the environment as an individual, a water storage tank can help. On the other hand, if you are involved in industrial applications, having a proper device for holding water means that you won’t have any chemicals leaking into the ground.


For the family or single person, a water storage tank can be used to collect rainwater. Once the water is collected, you can use it for gardening, washing or watering your lawn. If you want to use the rain for drinking or cooking, you’ll need to add a treatment system as well. Even if you only what you collect for gardening or the lawn, this simple act can save you money by reducing your utility bills and can reduce your impact on the environment by conserving water.


There are a variety of fields that produce waste water as a byproduct. For example, the mining, oil and construction industries often need to store fluids. Even harvesting natural gas often uses hydraulic fracturing which produces waste water. Having a proper storage tank for these uses is necessary to minimize your environmental impact and ensure that you are compliant with state regulations.

Whether you are considering a tank for personal or industrial use, there are environmental benefits. Call Dean’s Water Service Inc. for more information on the reasons to have a water storage tank.