That fresh, clean, crisp taste of bottled water can't be beat. And it doesn't just taste refreshing—in the summer, bottled water keeps you hydrated and healthy. 

Sure, you could turn the tap, fill a glass and get water from your sink. But that's not always practical. There are some times when bottled water just makes more sense than using your home's (or business's) water supply. Then there are the other beverage choices. You can grab a bottle of soda from the fridge or give your child a juice box. Then again, those options don't always offer the same health benefits that water does.

So when can bottled water come in handy, and why is a better choice than other options? Take a look at some of the summertime activities that go hand-in-hand with bottled water.

Camping Trips

Unless you know how to properly filter what you scoop out of a stream, creek or lake, you need a source of fresh drinking water when you go on a summer camping adventure. While some campgrounds do have a tap with flowing water, you can't always be sure of where it comes from. Beyond that, when you go on hikes, bike rides or are away from your campsite for any length of time, you need portable water for drinking.

Bottled water is an easy option that you can bring. Just pop a few bottles into a cooler or a backpack, and you're ready to go.

Playground Days

School's out and the kids are bored. The local park is the place to be right now. You enjoy taking your children to the playground for the day. But it never fails — a half-hour into playtime the kids start telling you they're thirsty.

You could start handing out the juice boxes, but that might not be the healthiest choice. Even though juice comes from fruit, not every box or pouch is as healthy as the real deal. These products are typically filled with sugar and additives. The extra sugar isn't doing anything good for your kids. It's making them kind of hyper, and it may even contribute to weight gain.

Roughly 12.7 million children and teens are affected by obesity in the U.S., according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Swapping out sugary beverages for plain water is a healthy choice that keeps the kids hydrated while not adding extra calories to their daily diets.

Pool Afternoons

Like the playground, the pool is a summertime staple. Whether you're relaxing by your own pool or swimming at the local public pool, it's a cool way to refresh during the summer months.

Even though sitting in the water seems like it will take away the effects of the heat, it won't keep you hydrated. Obviously pool water is chlorinated, and not for drinking. So you tote along a mini cooler and stock it with diet sodas. They're calorie-free and will take away your thirst. Right? Wrong. Soda is filled with chemicals and won't do anything when it comes to healthy hydration.

What's the alternative? If you're looking for a no-calorie way to keep yourself hydrated during those sweltering pool days, bottled water is a better pick. It's portable, it's refreshing and it's totally calorie-free.

Summer Workouts

Just because the mercury is rising doesn't mean that you need to stop everything and relax under a fan (or the AC) all day. If you're into working out, you can keep the activity going all year round. This includes jogging, exercise classes, weight-lifting and organized sports (especially for kids).

Of course, summertime workouts also mean staying safe when it comes to the heat and hydration. It's absolutely essential that you hydrate when you're physically active in the heat. Sports drinks may seem like the obvious option. But these are often filled with calories or chemicals. If you don't see the need of adding in extra calories (who really does?) bottled water is the way to go.

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